Aiming High as 2019 Winds Down

We always go for the goal around the Global Inc. office, so it should come as no surprise that we’re aiming high for our end-of-year objectives. No matter what time of year, we use a few simple strategies to ensure that we stay on the right track to hit our targets. Here are a few of our favorite practices for putting our goals within reach:

• Setting Deadlines: We stay motivated to realize our goals because we attach firm deadlines to them. Commitment is never an issue for us because we know exactly where we need to be when each key date comes around.

• Rewarding Progress: This is about celebrating the milestones we’ve reached, but it also helps us refine our methods in real time. Along with the results we’re seeing, we also recognize the efforts we’re putting in and how much we’ve learned along the way. There’s an awful lot of positivity spread throughout Team Global Inc. when we highlight our wins.

• Getting Specific: We can’t expect to measure our progress in any meaningful way if we don’t know exactly what we want to achieve. Making sure each goal is clear and quantifiable is one of the most important things we do.

It’s time to bring 2019 to a fantastic finish. Follow Global Inc. on Instagram to keep up with our team plans and major achievements.

Due to the current circumstances of the COVID-19, we have chosen to temporarily close our office building due to the nature of our business, which is being in direct contact with customers. We want to ensure the safety of our staff and customers as well as do what we can to minimize the spread of the virus.