Announcing an Exciting Partnership With a Local Team

We acquire customers for many national service partners, but we’re very excited about the brand we just added to our Global Inc. portfolio. We’ve started working with the Arizona Diamondbacks, and can’t wait to show our local baseball team the difference we can make for them this season.

We’re confident that we’ll be able to exceed the Diamondbacks’ expectations because we’ve made a growth mind-set part of our Global Inc. office culture. In a nutshell, this attitude applies to those who believe that abilities can be expanded over time – and even that new skills can be acquired.

Our society often promotes a fixed mind-set, or the idea that one has to be naturally talented at things in order to excel at them. While it’s true that some people seem to be more inclined toward certain skills than others, many traits that were once considered static – such as intelligence and personality – are being shown to have a great deal of flexibility. In other words, it’s possible for a person to become smarter or to change their character, with enough hard work and commitment.

In other words, even though we’ve just started working with the Dbacks, we know we’ll be successful for two reasons: first, we believe we can be. Second, we’ll work tirelessly to master the skills and knowledge needed to represent this business partner in the market. To see how we succeed in this new campaign, like Global Inc. on Facebook.