Carpooling Makes a Powerful Impact on the Environment

Did you know that by carpooling just twice a week, one person can keep 1,600 pounds of greenhouse gases out of the air each year? Or that if 100 more people were to carpool every day, more than 1,000 pounds of carbon monoxide and over 2,300,000 pounds of carbon dioxide could be removed from the air? These are big numbers, and every eco-conscious person should know them. Here are some other carpooling facts that have pushed many of us on Team Global Inc. to start organizing our commutes.

For example, in some cities (such as Phoenix) there are HOV, or High Occupancy Vehicle, lanes. These were built especially for carpoolers and can significantly reduce commute times. When one considers that the average American spends about 40 hours each year tangled in congested traffic, let alone commuting, any chance to save time becomes important.

Coordinating our Global Inc. travel times is also the fiscally sensible thing to do. Surveys show that carpooling has cut as much as $600 a month out of some people’s travel budgets. Also, if everyone carpooled just one day a week, traffic would be reduced by about 20 percent. The decrease in road maintenance and cleanup would result in tremendous savings for the government agencies in charge.

For all these reasons and more, we encourage carpooling every chance we get. Learn more about our commitment to worthy causes by following Global Inc. on Instagram.

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