Life Hacks for Any Professional

Big ambitions require lots of hard work, and sometimes it seems as if 24 hours per day aren’t enough to accomplish it all. That’s why productivity is a top Global priority. We’re learning about the latest best practices for efficient work. Here are some of our lessons:

• Save More: Instead of allowing financial matters get in the way of big opportunities, we allow for monthly savings in our budgets. We do this on an individual basis and for Global as a whole.

• Establish an Online Presence: Many businesses have established online images. Professionals should do the same. We polish our social media pages, keeping them updated and posting rich content on a regular basis. Doing so helps us get recognized as consulting and marketing thought leaders.

• Relax: Self-care is a must as well. We work hard, and we balance it with ample downtime. We take breaks during the workday, unplug during our off-time, and enjoy occasional travel opportunities with our loved ones and colleagues alike.

• Delegate: Leadership is full of responsibilities. Those at the management level focus on high-impact tasks and assign the rest. We make sure team members receive work they enjoy, and that aligns with their strengths. This way, everyone is engaged and productive.

These strategies help us do quality work in short amounts of time. Follow Global on Instagram, and you’ll discover even more productivity hacks.