Our Culture and Learning System Make Succeeding Fun

In the Global Inc. office, we aim to provide a positive workplace where everyone – from entry-level brand expert to our DOO – feels engaged and successful. Our mantra is this: when our team members thrive, our company prospers.

We know we’re doing it right when people like James, one of our newly promoted leaders, says, “I love working at Global Inc. because of the opportunities, as well as the awesome environment.” This, in a nutshell, is exactly the two-step approach we take to empowering and inspiring our crew. We make sure that our people have all the tools and resources they need to achieve their career goals, and then we focus on the values that support a fun, uplifting culture.

From day one, new hires are immersed in a training program designed to get them from novice to expert as quickly as they would like. Mentorship, hands-on training, and travel to learning events all provide access to our business 101, and the specific skills needed to progress in our industry.

Once the habit of continual learning is established, we get brand ambassadors engaged with their peers and colleagues through team nights and networking events. These give us a chance to get to know our coworkers outside the office in a more personal way, and to connect with movers and shakers in our field who are eager to share best practices and support.

Success in any endeavor will always require effort, but we’re having so much fun that we barely notice how hard we’re working! Follow Global Inc. on LinkedIn to find out how you can be part of our team.