PRESS RELEASE: Global Opens for Business in Tempe, Hiring Interns

TEMPE, ARIZONA – Global has opened a new office in the Tempe, Arizona market. The firm’s Director of Operations discussed the expansion effort, and also promoted the company’s summer internship program.

“The wait is finally over – we are up and running in Tempe!” declared Christopher, Director of Operations for Global. “My team and I are eager to get going and make our mark on this industry. We’ve set a goal to double the campaigns we are running right now in a very short period of time, and I know we can make it happen.”

Christopher is an established individual in the business world, with a proven track record of success. Global’ expansion is a direct result of his ability to lead and grow teams that are adept at building brand awareness through one-on-one consultations.

“With the right people, I think anything is possible,” Christopher stated. “I believe in my brand advocates, and they’ve never let me down.”

Global Offering Summer Internship Positions

With the opening of the new Global office, Christopher also announced that the firm will be hiring students as summer interns. This is an opportunity to dive in with a high-energy team that is just starting out in a new market.

“If you are career-driven and want to gain valuable job experience over the summer, then this is the place to make it happen,” Christopher stated. “Our internship program is exceptional. We immerse our students in the same comprehensive training and development program as our full-time ambassadors, with all the same perks and chances for advancement. Interns work with a variety of coaches and team leaders, so they get first-hand, practical knowledge about every facet of our operation.”

Students receive the same training when it comes to setting and achieving goals. Managers sit down with each new hire and show them the career map that’s attached to each position in Global, including the entry-level ones. They also help them create monthly, weekly, and even daily action steps that will help them move closer to their chosen objectives. Perhaps most importantly, when interns hit their goals, they are recognized for their achievements in the same manner as brand advocates. “Even if a person is only with us for the summer, they are a part of our team,” Christopher shared. “We want them to feel like they belong here.”

One of the reasons that Christopher takes such good care of these summer interns is that he’s a long-term thinker. He knows that students eventually graduate, and when they do they’ll be looking to start a career. “We want our interns to come back to Global once they’re done with school and feel good about picking up where they left off,” Christopher affirmed. “With the growth that we’re already experiencing, I know there will be room for our interns to join us in a year or two when they finish school.”

About Global:
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