The Perks of Being Part of a Smaller Organization

May is Small Business Month, and we wanted to celebrate this by considering all the positive aspects of working for a small company that we enjoy as part of Team Global Inc. For instance, we enjoy a greater sense of importance, because we can more easily see the impact of our work on the firm and our community.

Another reason to appreciate working for a small company is that we can move forward in our careers more quickly. Not only are there fewer people vying for the top positions, but we can more easily access the wisdom and knowledge of our managers and team leaders.

We have excellent relationships with our coworkers because of the smaller size of our workspace as well. It’s not as difficult to put names to faces in our office, and because we often collaborate with other associates and departments, we develop tight workplace bonds. Throw in our frequent Global Inc. team nights, and it’s easy to see why our colleagues are some of our best friends as well.

A final reason is the way we develop diverse skills here. We get to try our hands at many different roles and responsibilities, honing and even finding new strengths while getting to learn about each facet of our operations first-hand.

We won’t always be small, but we will always maintain these winning traits. Follow Global Inc. on Instagram to find out more about the advantages of being on our team.