Working on Our Resolutions for the New Year

We’re still a bit breathless from the 2019 holiday season, but there’s no time to waste: our Global Inc. goals for 2020 are just too exciting! Not only do we have lots of fun events planned, such as team nights, travel, and philanthropy, we’re working on expanding our firm while pushing our careers forward as well.

To begin the year though, we’re looking at a few resolutions that we think will benefit everyone on Team Global Inc. For instance, we’re resolving to be more unified as a group, sticking together and mentoring one another as much as we can. If we are going to achieve all that we have planned for 2020, we’ll need to have each other’s backs.

We’re also resolved to be more outspoken when we feel like we need some help. Accepting assistance is not a sign of weakness, as it was considered to be in years past; today, we realize that allowing oneself to be helped strengthens resilience and the ability to handle stress. Recognizing and reaching out for help is actually the strong thing to do, and it’s also the smart move when an entire team of people is counting on you to be your best self.

Another resolution: remember to be grateful. We’re on a great team in a growing industry, and we couldn’t be more excited to link arms and stride toward a bright future together. Follow Global Inc. on LinkedIn to find out more about our company.

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